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Spring Face of Your Front Door

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Spring always inspires us to changes. Spring is the announcement of new life upon the land. No wonder, we want to wake up and live in full force. So why not create spring mood from the very start - your house front door? If that`s the case, a wreath is your answer!

Of course wreaths are wonderful to look at - but they're more than just a pretty decoration. So much more. Wreaths provide the senses with many delights. Not only do they look beautiful, but they welcome your guests and invite them to come in. It is possible to decorate the house with such a beautiful wreath all over the year or to enrich your house to some significant events, for example Birthday or a Wedding. But the wreaths made by ourselves have a special charm. Depending on your mood, or season, or even what you have at your fridge, the wreath can symbolize various images. For instance, a decorative wreath from ears, vegetables, fruit, nuts or berries is a symbol of a good harvest (lifehack for autumn decoration). Christmas wreaths are usually made from cones, branches and candles. What to choose and how to make – it is up to you. Create!

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