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Soundproofing in a Nutshell

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East or West – Home is Best". The older we are, the more sense makes this known proverb. For most of us home means not only the place for spending nights, but the place where we can have a rest and do favorite things. However not everyone manages to use his house for mentioned purposes. Noisy neighbors, heavy traffic, loud music - all these factors disturb us and make our living more stressful.

Due to poor acoustics, we both know everything about our neighbors` life and inform them about ours. Noisy disturbing is also true for activities that take place at home, especially when a family is large, and leisure occupations are enjoyable, for those who place, but a little less for those who suffered. It goes without saying that in the case of the presence of home and office in the same building, soundproofing is a critical component. And there comes the problem of noise reduction to be solved urgently.


There are some ways to make your home “quieter”. Using special soundproofing materials for walls, ceilings and floors worth mentioning. In this way thickness of sound absorbing covering has to exceed two inches minimum effect to achieve. Therefore you loss living space and get wasting your time, forces and nerves. It looks pessimistic, doesn`t it? Fortunately, there is a simple solution to a complicated problem. While speaking about soundproofing of a room to block noise from entering, the windows and doors are the first places to pay attention to. Ordinary windows let a lot of sound through, and many doors aren't much better at blocking sound, especially interior doors. Interior doors are often hollow, making it easy for sound to pass through them. Furthermore, lots of interior doors have air gaps around the frame and at the bottom near the floor, creating clear paths for noise to travel through rooms. So for a good soundproofing door, what you want is a heavy solid-core door with noisy-blocking mechanism. Here new problems arise. While looking for necessary door, you may find that very few companies deal with them.


Good news for you is that we are among those who are ready to introduce soundproofing doors that are waiting for being installed into your rough opening – Arazzinni Smart Pro Line. This new generation of soundproofing door is less heavy than traditional soundproof acoustical door and proposes more traditional wood style as opposed to the metal industrial looking doors. Made from a solid alder wood with SmartCore and SmartSweep mechanisms, Smart Pro Line seems to be an effective way to reduce noise.


SmartCore - doors are made from solid pine with SmartCore (tm) filling. This benefits allows to significantly increase sound and thermal insulation in comparison to other doors. SmartSweep (tm) - automatic noise and debris protection system. SmartSweep (tm) is installed at the bottom of the door to protect the room from noise, dust, dust, smoke and insects. Upon closing mechanism is triggered by a switch at the door`s hinge side, it activates the rubber slide to drop down.

We offer you a range of technologically advanced interior doors combining sleek modern design with an eye for perfection. The uses of these doors are endless: recording rooms, studios, offices, conference rooms or any other place located in or near a high-traffic area and the need for quiet! Variety of a color palette is a pleasant addition. More details you can get on the site Arazzinni and our specialists will be glad to supply you with necessary information. With soundproofing, you can sleep soundly, even if the neighbors are partying at night. Also, it will give you the freedom to play loud music. Always wanted to become a rock-star? Let your dreams come true without having to hear complaints from neighbors. Remember that doors can contribute an amazing amount to a pleasant environment when you choose the right. It ensures a positive feeling more calm and better concentration

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