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What Is Modern Design? A Handy Checklist of Features to Look for

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Here at Arazzinni, we’re in love with modern interior design. If you think you like the look but aren’t exactly sure how to make it work in your space, you might be in need of a primer. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly designers are doing to make a space look thoroughly modern, here are some of the hallmarks of modern design:

A Very Brief History of Modern Design


Most designers trace modern décor back to the Bauhaus school in the years between the World Wars, when artists lived by the maxim that form should follow function. This was a serious rejection of over-decorated furniture and homes of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and modern designers focused on clean lines and a more minimalist feel. This sensibility continued through mid-century modern styles after World War II and into today’s sleek kitchens and loft spaces.

Basic Features of Modern Interior Design

To create a look that is unmistakably modern in your home, be sure to include these elements:

·         Clean Lines and Rectilinear Geometry: Modern furniture and interior fittings are pared down to their essentials. Look for straight lines and focus on right angles instead of scrollwork and curves.

·         Metallic Accents: Shiny silver tones are a staple of modern design, first and foremost for their strength and practicality — but they look great, too. Highly reflective chrome and matte stainless steel are both classic choices, but don’t rule out gold or copper tones.

·         A Neutral Palette with Bold Accent Colors: True to its roots, modern design often relies on bright white to maintain its clean, unadorned look. Black is a popular secondary color, as are gray or natural wood tones. Don’t think modern design is boring, though! There’s often a very bright pop of color to brighten that neutral palette: Red is the most popular choice, but lime green, saffron yellow, aqua and orange all work well, too.

·         Functional Storage: Modern design is minimal and clean, so clutter is a big no-no. Instead, built-in storage with clever drawers and pull-outs can turn a modern space into a perfectly neat retreat of Zen-like calm.


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