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How to choose excellent interior door

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One of those subtle necessities that guarantee a difference in any home is a beautiful door. A door is one part of the house that hardly gets unnoticed as visitors walk in. They tend to make a huge statement, whether in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, hallway or office. To ensure that they carry out the right impressions, it is important that we pick the right interior doors - ones that fit our vision. To make the best choice of an interior door, below are some points to consider.

Style of the Door

This is one factor that can make a huge difference in any design of a room. This sometimes looks too obvious, but a lot of people tend to miss it. Any choice of style for your door must be as much as possible compliment your home design. However, we should feel free to mix-match a bit - this has a way of giving our homes an eclectic and fun look. There are a lot of options of styles for interior doors, some of which are:


·         Panel Doors - When it comes to residential buildings, these are the most commonly used style for doors. They come in square and rectangular designed pattern - ranging from single to panel models.

·         Flush Doors - This is one interior door style that offers a classic and clean option for your home. It features an entirely flat design and is quite affordable and ideal for most home designs.

·         French Doors - these styles of doors are perfect when it comes to adding a dramatic look to any entryway. The configuration of the doors includes two hinge - hung doors are mounted on both side of the opening that swing towards each other. They are ideal for master bedrooms, music rooms, living rooms, etc.

·         Sliding Doors - This is another style of door that is mostly used in areas without floor space. However, they will require a space to either the left or right; this is to ensure that the doors can slide comfortably back and forth, providing enough entry through it.

·         Pocket Doors - These doors are old school, but recently have come back, and with a bang. They are similar to a sliding door, only that they are just a single door mounted to a rolling overhead track sliding into a prepared space and within the wall.

Other styles of doors we have are Dutch doors, blind doors, flush doors and barn doors.




Materials for the door


With the variety of materials available for making interior doors, it can be a daunting taking picking the right one. However, they all have their features and benefits. Before telling whether the door is good or not, ensure to which material best will suit your need. One material that is extremely popular is the oak; as we can match it to other finishes such as furniture and flooring to get a high-quality look in the home.

·         Solid Wood Doors - Door made of this material are extremely sturdy and offer a substantial resistance to chipping or cracking. They also have the most weight and heft for their feel, plus a pleasing aesthetic appeal.

·         Solid Core Doors - These doors are made from molded composite or plywood exterior. They also comprise of a filled-wood-fiber interior. They are quite similar to the solid wood regarding quality and price.

·         Hollow-Core Doors - These are the least expensive of all the materials. They are constructed from plywood, wood frame and a rigid cardboard paper for maintaining its shape. Compared to the solid core and solid wood, they are less durable and also provide a weak sound barrier.

·         Metal and Glass - This is one material to use for a door when desiring of a modern and streamlined look with less fuss and muss than the solid floor.


Finish of the Door


The finishing of a door goes a long way in showing the wood's natural beauty. Ensure that it complements the style of home design.

·         Stain Finish - This is a popular way of finishing new interior doors. This stain gives it a classic and warm look and popularly used for solid wood doors as it emphasizes the grain of the wood. They are available in a variety of colors depending on your choice and type of material.

·         Paint finish - This is another great way of adding charm and color to our interior doors. This is usually ideal for creating a contemporary feel.



Swing of the door


This is better left to the buyer to choose - whether to go for a right-hand or left-hand swing. However, this often determines the location if the handles and hinges, and the direction of swing of the door when it is opened. Whatever the choice will be, keep in mind that it is not ideal for a door to open into a corridor or hall.



Frame of the door


The frame of any door plays a significant role in the attractiveness of the door. It a door is mounted incorrectly, it no longer adds its expected value to the home. Most interior doors are pre-hung in frames and referred to as slabs. With this in place, you get to save a lot in labor. This will require knowing specifications such as the surface-to-surface thickness of the wall and the location and size of the holes for the lockset.



An interior door is an important part of any home and as such a good amount of attention should be paid to it. Whether or not you're building, or remodeling the room, it remains one of the most important steps. 

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