Classica Ultra Interior Door Wenge

Classica Ultra Interior Door Wenge


Add an elegant and effortless richness to your room with the Classica Ultra Interior Door with a wenge finish. Simply fashioned to be striking, this door lets you tie together every aspect of your home starting with the entryway. The wenge finishing is rich, but not so bold that it takes away from the room’s decorations. Coated in a long-lasting wood veneer finish, the design uses long vertical lines to create a finished piece with naturally flowing aesthetics.

We offer the Classica Ultra as an 8 foot interior door, so if you have been looking for a door slightly taller than average to match your frame, you’ll be happy with this product. With a brilliant finish and a longer door slab, the Classica Ultra is a great addition to any home. All of our products come with a two year guaranteed warranty.

Technical Specifications

Door Type:


Possible Configurations:

Single (Swing), Double (Swing), Single Pocket, Double Pocket, Sliding, Barn, Magic Sliding, Bi-fold

Door Style:





Wenge (Veneer)

Gloss Level Finish:

Low-sheen (20%)

Door Slab Widths Range:

17 13/16", 19 13/16", 23 13/16", 27 13/16", 29 13/16", 31 13/16", 35 13/16"

Door Slab Heights Range:

92 1/2"

Door Slab Thickness:

1 9/16"

Jamb Thickness:

3 7/8”

Wall covered by jamb:

3 7/8” to 4 7/8”

Door Casing Width:

2 13/16”

Middle Panel Construction:

Solid Wood

Stile Construction:

Solid wood core covered with a natural wood veneer finish

Glass Lite:


Fire Rated:



2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty