Antha Interior Door Wenge

Antha Interior Door Wenge


The contemporary style of door the Antha Interior Door adds flare to any part of your house, whether it is introducing a bedroom or bathroom. With a relatively smooth texture, this door has a natural Italian wenge wood veneer. It is different from many other contemporary doors because of its wide horizontal lines, which cover most of the its width all the way to the floor.

A smaller section of vertical lines runs along the border of the door, and this combination makes the door resemble a frame for a beautiful piece of art. Even the actual frame of the door itself is slightly different from other doors because of the inward thin piece framed by the thicker area.

Like all of our doors, the veneer used on the door slab reduces the amount of treatment we need to use on the wood. Do not forget to browse base mouldings and door handles with your purchase of the Antha interior door wenge. You will also find that all of our products come with a two year warranty.

Technical Specifications

Door Type:


Possible Configurations:

Single (Swing), Double (Swing), Single Pocket, Double Pocket, Sliding, Barn, Magic Sliding, Bi-fold

Door Style:





Italian Wenge (Veneer)

Gloss Level Finish:

Semigloss (60%)

Door Slab Widths Range:

17 13/16", 19 13/16", 23 13/16", 27 13/16", 29 13/16", 31 13/16", 35 13/16"

Door Slab Heights Range:

79 3/8”, 83 3/8", 92 1/2"

Door Slab Thickness:

1 3/4"

Jamb Thickness:

3 7/8”

Wall covered by jamb:

3 7/8” to 4 7/8”

Door Casing Width:

2 13/16”

Middle Panel Construction:

Swedish Honeycomb

Stile Construction:

Solid wood core covered with a natural wood veneer finish

Glass Lite:


Fire Rated:



2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty