Versai Interior Door Wenge

Versai Interior Door Wenge


The Versai interior door wenge is a door in the contemporary style. The pre-finished natural Italian wenge wood veneer adds a modern look to any interior room whether it is your bedroom, office, or bathroom.

The natural wood veneer has a vertical direction flowing to the floor. The rich, creamy dark brown veneer is decorated with a frosted tempered glass insert that runs the length of the door and is about ¼ glass thick. There is about 4 inches of the wenge on either side of the glass.

Like all of our doors, the Versai is layered with a natural wood veneer to increase durability as well as creating a finish that is pleasing to the eye. The wenge veneer of the Versai interior door requires no other treatment. You will find we use on the finest material and construction techniques, and each of our doors comes with a two year warranty.

Technical Specifications

Door Type:


Possible Configurations:

Single (Swing), Double (Swing)

Door Style:





Italian Wenge (Veneer)

Gloss Level Finish:

Semigloss (60%)

Door Slab Widths Range:

17 13/16", 19 13/16", 23 13/16", 27 13/16", 29 13/16", 31 13/16", 35 13/16"

Door Slab Heights Range:

79 3/8”, 83 3/8", 92 1/2"

Door Slab Thickness:

1 3/4"

Jamb Thickness:

3 7/8”

Wall covered by jamb:

3 7/8” to 4 7/8”

Door Casing Width:

2 13/16”

Middle Panel Construction:

Swedish Honeycomb

Stile Construction:

Solid wood core covered with a natural wood veneer finish

Glass Lite:


Glass Type:

Tempered (Safety)

Glass Style:


Glass Thickness:


Fire Rated:



2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty