Desta Interior Door Sapele

Desta Interior Door Sapele


Classical design combined with top quality finish. The frame is made of solid pine planks on micro studs, and the filling is thin wood planks, positioned criss cross to ensure its solid structure. Lined with high quality MDF and covered with exotic natural African Sapele veneer. Recessed moldings are made of solid Sapele planks. The veneer finish is extremely smooth due to precise high tech polish and multi-layer varnish. Rich reddish brown tone combined with extremely smooth finish gives Desta interior door its unique recognizable look and making it top model of our classic collection.

All interior doors are coated with natural wood veneer, which require no further treatment of the slab. We use only the finest materials and construction techniques available on the market, which makes our products quality and appearance absolutely superb. Our products are built to last and are covered with a two year warranty guaranteed.

Technical Specifications

Door Type:


Possible Configurations:

Single (Swing), Double (Swing), Single Pocket, Double Pocket, Bi-fold

Door Style:





Sapele (Veneer)

Gloss Level Finish:

Semigloss (60%)

Door Slab Widths Range:

17 13/16", 23 13/16", 27 13/16", 29 13/16", 31 13/16", 35 13/16"

Door Slab Heights Range:

79 3/8”, 83 3/8", 92 1/2"

Door Slab Thickness:

1 3/4"

Jamb Thickness:

3 7/8”

Wall covered by jamb:

3 7/8” to 4 7/8”

Door Casing Width:

2 13/16”

Middle Panel Construction:

Swedish Honeycomb

Stile Construction:

Solid wood core covered with a natural wood veneer finish

Glass Lite:


Fire Rated:



2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty