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Installation Instructions

Installation of Doors is quite complex process which requires some professional skills and tools. At Arazzinni we did our best to simplify the installation of our doors. Our Installation Instructions that we prepared for you made in a very simple and intuitive manner. You can download and review it using link below. If for any reason you will have difficulties or issues with installation of Arazzinni Doors you can contact us anytime.




Download Installation Instructions

Product Maintenance

Our selected interior door product requires no further treatments of the door slabs or casings. However, in order to keep the product at its best appearance, we recommend using wood cleaning product with an addition of hard wax. One of the products that we highly recommend is Behold® Furniture Polish. Behold® Furniture Polish protects finished surfaces with a long lasting hard wax finish. In addition, you to the protective feature, it has lemon scent, which most people seem to enjoy! We recommend using the product as often as you clean it.


Another important thing that arises in the process of selection of interior or exterior door is manufacturer's warranty. We've got you covered and proud to introduce that all Arazzinni brand doors are covered by 2-years warranty from the manufacturer. To download and review our warranty statement please follow the links below

Download Warranty

Claim Form

We understand that sometimes defects happen and we would love to help! The following steps must be taken before the issue can be resolved. If you would like to fill form online please follow the link below and the form will be opened in a new browser window. Just follow the steps on that page and submit the form.

Open Warranty Claim Form


You can also download Warranty Claim Form in PDF format here .

Please fill it out and then send it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can print it and send to the following address:

Arazzinni Warranty Processing Department
970 New Brunswick Ave
Unit 4
Rahway, NJ 07065
Phone:(844) 403-6677
Fax: (718) 709-5897

Thank you for your patience as we promptly address your claim.